Here is my December/January check that I promised I would show you. As you can see, the payments are real and CashCrate is not a scam. If it were a scam I would not be able to show you this CashCrate proof of payment check I just got that is a real check from Wells Fargo Bank.

You can make good money by filling out free paid surveys AND by referring people to sign up. I do both of these methods to get a check like this every month. Sign up for CashCrate and get started making money! What are you waiting for?

Its not hard to make money and it is all free to sign up and start taking the free paid surveys. You don’t need a website to make money with online surveys and that is why they are great for everyone. You get paid by check once you reach $10.00 and as you can see I continue to make more and more each month. Don’t let people tell you CahsCrate scam as it is cleary not.

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  1. lee  2:21 am

    I am new to this country and I don’t have referrals how can i make money or get referrals.

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