Here are some CashCrate tips to get you started with money making ideas. Everyone wants to know what are the easiest CashCrate offers to complete. Well, I will tell you.

First you want to set up a dummy email account so that you don’t get a lot of unwanted mail. You can use your own email but be prepared to get some junk mail if you do. You can quickly set up a free email account at,,, or This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes as it is very easy.  

Now the CashCate tips. Click on the “complete offers” tab and you will see a whole list of offers. You can sort those offers and you want to sort in the first box “100% Free” and in the second box by “Payout”. This will bring up all the free offers and have them listed by the highest paying offers first.

Look through the list of offers and you will want to do all the ones that say “register for free“. These are the easiest to do because you don’t have to spend time filling out any surveys. Several of them are for dating companies and prize networks and things like that and they want your name and email so they can get you to join. You don’t have to give your real name. Just make up a name and give them your email address you just made and maybe an address.

Remember, to get started fast with free paid surveys on CashCrate, do all the “register for free” offers first. You will probably be able to reach your $10.00 payout goal by doing this alone and if not you will come close to the $10.00. To make even more money start referring your friends and you will see the money start to add up. Leave me a comment with any questions you have.

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  1. Jason M.  2:47 pm

    The site is cool resource, thanks.

  2. Kavita  1:44 am

    Hey excellent post. You might want to point out to members that filling out too many offers at once might freeze their pending list.

  3. Junior  4:14 pm

    Yeah i really love cashcrate and these are pretty good tips nice post.

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