The biggest Cash Crate tip I can give you is to get other people to sign up under you. Yes you can make money by doing the surveys and offers but you can make more money by getting other poeple to sign up under your link. As CashCrate is open to anyone 13 years old and older, this is something any teenager can do to make some extra money online.

I recommend you start a blog and write about CashCrate and your experiences. Keep adding content to your blog about Cash Crate and try to get visitors to read it. Tell you friends and neighbors and keeep writing and slowly you may be able to get some readers. This is by far the best way to make money on CashCrate.

Think about it. Would you rather do the work yourself filling our the surveys or have other people working for you filling them out? Cash Crate has a two tier referral system which means you even make money from people your people sign up! That’s how you make money with CashCrate and other free paid survey sites.

Again, CashCrate is not a scam as you don’t ever pay them a dime. It is totally 100% free to sign up and you can even start making money by referring people without ever doing a survey. If it were a scam as some people want to call it then you would have to pay something to join. Well you don’t ever pay them anything! Never! Ever! So this is hardly a scam and look at the money I have been making every month. I wish I had this when I was a teenager and then I would have joined CashCrate to get some easy spending money.

If you want to read more about starting a free blog and then getting people to go to it and sign up please read my CashCrate referral tips.

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  1. I create a nice blog with some incentive for my referral but still no luck. I added my blog link ( to TrafficSwarm, EasyHit4You, Feedburner,message board on Yahoo, Craiglist, and Wordlinx. After all that I have no referral. I know the secret to Cashcrate is to get more referral. How many referrals do you have? How long did it take you to get that number? Where did you post your link? I would really like you help. Please email with any suggestion, I check my email very often

    Thanks in advance

  2. Money Making Ideas  10:48 pm

    You need to get on the first couple of pages of Google for some search terms like “cashcrate” or “cashcrate reviewed” or something like that. The more people you get coming to your site the better chance you have of signing them up. The ones you have been getting are not really the right kind of people because they are trying to make money like you are. You need people who have never heard of CC coming from the search engines.

  3. Bart  9:00 pm

    That is THE best tip … I’ve also found that teaching other people how to best navigate GPT sites is a great tip too. It’s a win-win. You cut their learning curve so they can make money faster, and the more they make the more you get too.

    I’ve got referrals from posting pictures of my kingside media checks too, as well as the how hack cashcrate article on my blog.

  4. mike  7:03 am

    how do you cash a check if you are 13 years old?

  5. Money Making Ideas  1:43 pm

    13 year olds are allowed to have money as you are people too. You might need the help of your parents, however, to cash a check.

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