When you get tired of taking surveys, start referring people. That way you can make extra money everyday on Cash Crate guaranteed. You can do this with any free paid surveys site but it seems that Cash Crate is the best. They are the best because they give you the best percentages of your 1st and second level referrals.

I included a screenshot of my new Platinum level which gives me 30% of my first level referrals and 15% of my second level referrals. When you start out you begin at 20% and 10% so I have worked hard to get to this level. 

My only expense has been this website but you can get your own website for free on and do the same thing. Also you only have to be 13 years old to do this and not 18 years old like many other sites. Free paid surveys are a great “job” for teens or college students to earn extra money. If you start out with CashCrate and keep filling out surveys and referring people, you too can be making several hundred a month in real money. Maybe you can figure out how to earn more! (you may also want to check out this article on getting more CashCrate referrals)

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