This is for all the people who reach this blog by searching on Google for “CashCrate scam” or “Cash Crate scam“, or “is CashCrate a scam“, or “is Cash Crate a scam“. 

First of all, please see my the picture of my May 2008 check for $191.97 which is pictured in my earnings section. Additionally, I made $151.88 in June and I am on pace to make over $200.00 in July (this month). That picture is of a real check that CashCrate sends me every month and I cash it at the bank just like I would any other check.

Where does this money come from? CashCrate gets paid by other companies and passes on some of that money to its members. In short, the money comes from the advertising budgets of the companies that sign up for Cash Crate.

Advertising is a HUGE industry as you should know and companies spend BILLIONS every year trying to get brand recognition and loyal customers. Cash Crate is just another spot where advertisers decide to spend some of their dollars.

There are several types of offers on CashCrate and some of them are free and some aren’t. Generally, the ones that are not free pay bigger than the ones that are free. There are many trial offers (like Blockbuster, LifeLock, and where you need a credit card to sign up for an offer and you get paid to do that. It might cost you $9.95 to get paid $18.00 or something like that.

However, there are absolutely tons of 100% free offers that pay you from about 50 cents to a $1.50 for filling out a form or survey. Both the trial offers and the free offers are the companies way of introducing you to a product or getting more information from you about a product. It is all about ADVERTISING and they are willing to pay you for trying things or filling out forms. 

So I hope you understand that CashCrate is NOT a scam no matter what people tell you. There will always be people who don’t believe anything but that doen’t make them right. CashCrate is a great site where anyone over 13 years can start making money for free. No credit card or anything is needed other than an email address. Everyone has an email address right?

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  1. Paid Surveys  9:19 am

    Interesting post, I find it surprising how people are skeptical about paid surveys. It is only market research companies trying to collect data like you said. I actually spend around 10 minutes a day filling out paid surveys, and make around $120 a month, I know its not that much, but for the time it takes me its actually pretty good.

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