I have inluded a screen print of four easy CashCrate offers I completed real quickly the other day. I did all four of these in about 5 minutes. It is offers like these where all you have to do is fill out a quick form or give them your email address that you want to do first. Find as many of these as you can. You can give them your real email address but I would definitely get a second email address just for Cash Crate. You can quickly get free email addresses from,, or

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  1. Paid Surveys  9:19 am

    Interesting post, I find it surprising how people are skeptical about paid surveys. It is only market research companies trying to collect data like you said. I actually spend around 10 minutes a day filling out paid surveys, and make around $120 a month, I know its not that much, but for the time it takes me its actually pretty good.

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