There is no time better than now to sign up for CashCrate and start earning money. In one of the more unique marketing ideas, it seems they are going to be giving out free gas cards for the next 10 months. You have to earn more than $100.00 in a 90 day period but that should be easy if you actually try. I have already earned more than $100.00 this month with Cash Crate in 14 days so I will be expecting to be eligible for this right away. Here is the Cashcrate free gas announcement that is on the site today: 

Any member who earns $100 or more in a 90 day period will get a certificate, courtesy of, that entitles them to $250 in free gas cards. After you get your certificate, just keep your gas station receipts and send them into the redemption center when they total $100 or more in a given month.

Then, campout by the mailbox, because your free $25 gas card will arrive within a few weeks. The gas cards work like a credit card and are redeemable at your favorite gas station for fuel or goodies inside. You can do the same thing every month for ten months and keep collecting your gas cards, for a total of $250 in free gas!

With gas prices being what they are, who couldn’t use the extra help? Most of us spend more than $100 at the pump each month without breaking a sweat, may as well collect on the free gas while you can.

All you have to do is earn $100 or more on CashCrate in any 90 day period, and your certificate will automatically be awarded to you. Between offers, daily surveys, and referral earnings, this should be a piece of cake. Take advantage of this promotion now, because it definitely won’t last forever!

9/2/08 Update – I earned my $100.00 and I have now gotten my cashCrate free gas coupons that you have to get first before you can get the free gas cards. There is one for the next 10 months so I can get a $25.00 refund every month. I will post again when I actually get the free gas card. Sign up now for CashCrate and start making money and free gas.

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