I’ve just gotten my 500 referral and made it to Elite status which is as high as you can go. My referral percentages are as you can see in the graph below. Referring people is the best way to make money on CashCrate especially when you do it in tandem with filling out surveys. The second level referrals (the referrals of the people you referred) are nice and what separates CashCrate from all other GPT sites.

Setting up a blog (like this one) is the best way probably to recruit people online and there are many ways to recruit them from the offline world too. I have listed some of the ways in previous posts so please take a look at those. If you are interested in getting cheap hosting and some help please read this post about getting CashCrate referrals.

Your Referral Rank: Elite
Active US Referrals: 501
Total First Level Referrals (30%): 1363
Total Second Level Referrals (20%): 328
Payment Date: 1st*

Congratulations! You’re an Elite member, the highest rank CashCrate has to offer!

You currently earn 30% of what your referrals make and 20% of what their referrals make.

There are many teens looking for jobs for 15 year olds and finding one online can be hard. But at CashCrate all you have to be is 13 years old and you can be making the same money I make. If you can figure out how to start getting referrals then you will start making a nice part time income.

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  1. Congratulations!!

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