I had another good month at CashCrate in August as I made $257.06. I also got the free gas coupons that they are offering for anyone who earns over $100.00. Now I have to send in my gas receipts and I should be getting a free $25.00 gas card for the next 10 months! 

You have to earn over $100.00 to get the gas coupons but it doesn’t have to be in the same month so don’t be discouraged. Just keep on doing offers, filling out surveys, and referring people and when you reach that $100.00 mark, you will get the free gas coupons just like I did. This free gas coupon promotion is just another example that this CashCrate scam that so many people are worried about is just so false.

I get upset when people keep insisting that Cash Crate is a scam. They just don’t understand the world of advertising and they are just repeating what others tell them. These free surveys and offers you and I do to get money are all in the advertising budgets of the companies involved. They are willing to pay you and me because it is part of their advertising costs! It is the same with most of the other free paid surveys sites. Of course, CashCrate is the best because they pay the most for referrals.

I make between $200.00 and $300.00 a month with CashCrate now and so can you!

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