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Here are my monthly CashCrate earnings. You don’t need a website and all you need is an email account. This is real money – I have gotten a check every month from them so far!
June 2007- $46.98
July – $119.86
August – $147.56
September – $158.98
October – $152.18 
November – $162.03 
December – $140.89
January 2008! – $227.53
February  – $202.53
March – $182.36 
April – $172.65
May – $191.97
June – $151.88
July – $262.10 
August – $257.06
September – $226.96
October – $66.31 (as of 10/09/08)

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  1. Leonid Shalimov  11:27 pm

    Always skeptical of these but I’m glad its working for you! Maybe now I’ll have to go try it out. Cheers.

  2. MoneyMakingHobby  9:46 pm

    It does work. You need to be patient until you get the hang of things. And as I have said they DO send a check everytime you go over $10.00. Reverals help 🙂

  3. keeyit  2:58 am

    Wow.. great ! I should try this too…


  4. dana  12:04 pm

    Great job. I love cash crate..It is sooo easy! Keep it up

  5. HART (1-800-HART)  6:41 am

    It’s nice to that your revenues are increasing – keep it up!

  6. dana  1:07 pm

    I love cash crate. They are my favorite site. Great Job!! You are going up every month!

  7. Wahoo  8:43 am

    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Sydney  3:35 am

    I joined about a week ago and am very happy with it so far. It’s a great way to make money with pushing ads on my website.

  9. MoneyMakingHobby  5:14 pm

    If you join you will find that CashCrate is great like all of you are saying. I make a lot by referring people as my last post says. Anyone who signs up under me is greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone.

  10. Neb808  9:57 pm

    Cashcrate has been very good on paying there users. It is not a scam in any way. Trust me. try it now.

  11. ASHLEY  1:40 am

    Well im using cash crate since yesterday and i have already made over $37.81 since LAST NIGHT


  12. Sherry  3:12 am

    I’ve actually signed up under you as well, I think I’m a bit of the reason your revenue is doing so well! 😉

    I personally made almost $200 in August, its a highly recommended program for anyone out there wanting some extra cash. It wont get you rich, but a few hundred extra bucks is always nice!

    There’s no site I recommend more than this one!

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