I’ve noticed that there are actually people searching for ways to cheat and hack CashCrate. Are you kidding me? If you found this post by searching in Google for CashCrate hack or cheats or cheat codes, why would you be searching for something like that? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Unfortunately for you, there is no way to hack or cheat Cash Crate or TreasureTrooper or SWATcash or any of the other sites even if you are a professional hacker. You need to sign up, start filling out surveys, completing offers, and referring people. There is no need to cheat or try to hack anything. I make between $200 and $300 per month without any cheating.

You can make good money by doing everything above board. The best way to make money is to make a blog and refer people. If you want to know how to refer people to your blog then read this – CashCrate Referral Tips. If you want to see how mcuh I’ve made with CashCrate go to the tab up top that says “CashCrate Earnings”. There is even a video there with proof of one of my checks. Stop trying to cheat people with cheat codes. CashCrate is not a scam and it is legitimate!

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  1. April  6:12 pm

    How can you fill out those survays because it takes you back in a circle and its pointless and you never get any money if u want anyone help me out.?

  2. hoda  8:22 pm

    hi i just wanted to know im 14 live in the united kingdom and
    i wanted to ask when i get the check where do i go to get the money?
    dont i need an account or something? thankyou please answer me

  3. Money Making Ideas  2:35 pm

    They send you a check in the mail to your house. You don’t have to go anywhere to pick it up. You may need to get your parents help to take it to the bank and cash it.

    If you are having trouble with the surveys please go to the forums and read everything there. There are lots of hints, tips, and help from other members at the forums.

  4. Make Things Right  2:23 am

    Hey, I’ve Been doin cashcrate for about a month now, and is there anyway that I can make the pending offers go any faster, or make more money? I’ve been doing a lot of offers, and it takes forever just to get one offer to go through. If anyone can help me, go to and then email me at

    -Thank You!

  5. Money Making Ideas  1:14 pm

    I would suggest going to the forum and reading through all the threads there. There is lot about pending earnings.

  6. johnsmith  7:56 pm

    can some body please tell me how you refer some one one cashcrate

  7. andrea  8:00 pm

    there are supposed to be coupn codes that you can type and you get free 50 points you just go under and it should work but you need to find a code first.

  8. joe  2:02 pm


    i like cashcrate and do mainly the .25$ ones ( credit the fastest, at least on my comp.)

    but ive run out of them?! i have no more .25 cent offers :((((
    what should i dooooooo

    please send me an email

  9. John  5:02 pm

    Actually there are some trusted sites, for example treasure trooper, which I have been using for the past 3 months, and have made about 50$ per month. Treasure trooper pays with Pay Pal or through check, and there are also a lot of payment proofs just in case you’re skeptical about it. In my opinion, treasure trooper’s really one of the best sites because they have offers, you can also do surveys, and there are also treasure hunts which give about 50$ if you win! 😀
    They also give you referrals for ever few “pearls” you make which you get when you complete offers.

  10. John Macshien  1:03 am

    Actually, not to bust your chops, but this guy found a “glitch” to cashcrate. It’s not exactly a hack, but… it credited my account with a few extra bucks. What it does is, it basically bypasses the surveys, and u just x out, and the money goes into the confirmed thing. no downloads either.

  11. Money Making Ideas  4:47 pm

    Please don’t promote your silly site here on my blog. You can’t hack or cheat CashCrate and if you try you will immediately get the boot and will never get paid. Try to put your energy into doing something positive and honest.

  12. van doan  12:05 am

    i have $35 now…and i have a haft month to do offers

  13. Jordan  3:58 pm

    you should get a free version of roboform
    its not a hack, but it helps u alot to complete offers,u downlaod a program,
    u give the program details, name age, sex, the sort of stuff asked in offers, and if u do offers including credit cards u can fill in those details to, then go to an offer( or anything) and instead of taking minutes filling it in the program will search the form and see what it asks and then fills it in with info u gave them, thereforeu can do offers in seconds instead of 5minutes!

  14. jo  8:42 am

    hi guys, i didn’t search anything to do with hacking cashcrate, but rather whether it was a hacking program, since my paernts seem to think that it will hack my computer and details and send me a virus. there are a lot of scams going around and my father refuses to accept the proof that this is a real website. I can see his point, but how do I prove to him that this site is 100% legit and not a scam?

  15. Money Making Ideas  1:19 pm

    I would have him look through the CashCrate forum where there are threads on people getting paid (they show their payments) and lots of other threads where you can read about CashCrate. Many parents seem to think that everything on the Net is a scam and although there are many scams, not everything is one. CashCrate is legit for sure and you should be able to find some proof of that in the forums.

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