Are you trying to find jobs for 13 year olds and 14 year olds? Are you looking for some fun money making ideas to make some extra spending money? Although there aren’t too many opportunities for someone your age to make money on the Internet, there are a few. 

Most online sites require you to be 18 years or older. One that doesn’t is SquishyCash. For this site you have to only be 13 years or older. Here is what it says in the terms and conditions:  Due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, you must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to use this program.” So, if you are 13 or 14, you are allowed to sign up but you should get your parents permission first.

SquishyCash is NOT A JOB but just a place where you can make some free money. Right now they have 30,989 Members that have been paid a total of $170,409.27! (as of 10/28/09). This is a site where you can make extra fun money by doing surveys and signing up for free offers. You do not have to pay a dime for anything although there are lots of things that do require a credit card.

Again, you can make money here by doing only the free offers. They have contests every day and you get $5.00 in your account just for signing up. As you can see below, there is a FREE OFFERS tab that you can go to and you will have all the free stuff to choose from right away. All that free stuff will start earning you money.













Right under the Account Stats in the upper left hand corner is a small box that will lead you to the SquishyCash free daily surveys. These eight bonus daily surveys can be done every 24 hours & pay $0.50 each! Click on the “click here” and you will be taken to the survey screen that looks like this. You can then click on each survey and do it every day:












When you reach $20.00 you can cash out and you can get paid many different ways. You can have a check sent to your house, get paid by PayPal, or you can also get giftcards from some of the major companies. Giftcards from,, or can be chosen instead of getting a check. This means you can buy anything you want online at these three stores and that includes new clothes, DVD’s, Video games, or anything else they sell online.

SquishyCash is a fun place to make money online and there are not too many web sites like it where they accept 13 and 14 year olds. You can also make money through their referral program if you have a blog or are a computer geek and know how to put one up. Getting referrals is just one of the many ways to earn some extra cash with them. Here is a copy of a PayPal payment from SquishyCash:

















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  1. Brady  6:50 pm

    Need more jobs for 14 year olds doing jobs in layton

  2. Sami  8:21 pm

    dont you have to be 18 to actually do all the offers?

  3. Money Making Ideas  5:50 pm

    Do all the free offers. Don’t do any with the credit card requirements. You should also make a second free email account from Gmail or Yahoo just for doing SquishyCash surveys just to make sure you don’t get any spam.

  4. Harley  6:12 pm

    Is is safe to use? I am 13 years old and i don’t want to do anything that isn’t safe…

  5. Money Making Ideas  6:22 pm

    It is safe. All you need to give them is your email, name, and address. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MORE THAN THAT! Then do all the free offers and start referring other people too. Also read the forum threads for more tips. It is a real community.

  6. Dzenana  6:35 pm

    I hope that this is safe. Thank you.

  7. Sherry  5:46 am

    will this income be taxable and will i get a w-2 form at the end of the year?

  8. Money Making Ideas  1:28 pm

    It is taxable like any other income you make but you will only get a w-2 if you make over $600 in one year.

  9. jaidon  6:31 am

    hey , you’ve helped me out a lot man, my first month i got 20 bucks, not that much but basicly free money, and again thanks, ….

    thanks! 🙂

  10. darinka  11:59 pm

    sum of the offers say that u get “fre stuff” is it true

  11. Money Making Ideas  3:07 pm

    No, you probably won’t get free stuff without paying shipping and handling or some other charge.

  12. stephanie  6:00 pm

    other sites like this have “pop ups”. if u click on one survey it leads to something different which leads to something else which leads to another pop up. does this site do this too?

  13. Jobs For 13  6:09 pm

    Great info!

  14. Jonae  3:13 pm

    I would love to do this it sounds fun and easy but let me go over it with my mother
    first before I do anything .

  15. Russell Clark  11:58 pm

    I need a job so if you need a13yearold to work for you. Get to me at thank you name Russell clark age 13 grade 8th

  16. Alexandra  3:23 pm

    hey, this just sounds like if i did it, what I’m trying to say that it just seems like a scam.
    How do I know it’s so safe that I can use it. I’m 13 and my parents care about me and don’t want me to get hurt from the internet. So how can this show me that it’s completely safe!!

  17. Money Making Ideas  6:28 pm

    If you think it is a scam then you better not do it. Some people believe that everything on the Internet is a scam and there is nothing I can say that will change their mind.

    If you never have to send them money or give a credit card then how can it be a scam? A scam is where you lose something. If you sign up and don’t like it then just quit. If you sign up and like it you can stay and do it. If you never send them anything then you cannot lose anything, right?

  18. Haleigh  10:53 pm

    i think this is really cool and it can’t be a scam because if it was they would want money
    my mom thinks its’ good that they do stuff like this for kid’s who can’t get a job because they’re
    to young
    …and also thats cool that a 13 year old can get up to $400 to $500
    thats more than my 16 year old sister makes

  19. dariana  6:11 pm

    when you the check does it come to your moms name or yours

  20. Luke Warren  3:26 am

    I cant wait for the money. I’m soo excited because i’m going to get a PS3!!

  21. crystal  6:42 pm

    i have some ideas me and my friends were going to sell gift baskets but we could not because we had transportation our parents were to busy .To sell gift baskets u dont need a lisence only if u make alot per month like about 5,000 dollars a month. U can put up some flyers and on the flyers put ur name and phone number and deliver them( thats the part we could not do) if u get a call u will make alot of money there!

  22. Zjabria Castello  4:45 am

    Hey im a 13 year old girl. looking for a summer job and since im underage i cant find a good one. the messed up part is im going to turn 14 in september. it sucks that i cant still get a job.

  23. Zjabria Castello  4:46 am

    srry forgot to put email me at

  24. Brad  3:25 am

    how does the website send the money to your adress

  25. Money Making Ideas  1:35 pm

    Through the mail Brad

  26. jenna  8:11 pm

    do you have to pay to take the surveys???

  27. Money Making Ideas  8:35 pm

    You do NOT have to pay to take the surveys.

  28. Ben  2:25 am

    Can you use a P.O. box? or does it have to be a physical adress!

  29. Gabrielle G  10:48 pm

    I am gonna try and see if this works for me but I am looking for some extra cash to help my mom out around the house. I hope this works for me too!

  30. boboo  2:36 am

    dude i just got a newspaper route job and for my first check i got 154 bucks its awesome! if u live in kansas city call The Sun Tribune NewsPapers.

  31. kerryleigh johnson  5:57 pm

    i need money so i can help around the house and other things

  32. quinniea gross  12:33 am

    i need a job baby sitting or news paper routes please and fast

  33. Kelsey  2:05 pm

    Im 14, and im looking for a jobr very badly.. My mom can harly provide for me and i hate asking for anything from her. I’ve tried everything and my mom is just to busy to help me with my situation. I live in katy (houston) and finding a job in a town this big and busy is very difficult and at this point im willing to try anything. If taking these surveys have helped you please e-mail me at

  34. malykia wheaton  11:09 pm

    i really need a job so i can learn responsibiliy for myself and the future. i think im ready to start having some kind of way to earn money and help my parents around the house and get a job suitable for me!!! I think the kind of job im looking for is a waitress or assistant or even maybe something diffrent and fun to do and doesnt get in the way of my school work also! and i would like to have a job in cincinnati ohio! and email me and i need to have enough info to contact you back thans alot!

  35. hiya people  1:49 pm

    hi im 13 also but what i want is a real job …. a bussines is really a better word … i was looking for ideas like dog walking , or baby sitting , something like that. so maybe one of you or this website could post something that would help . i also know from alot of my friends that they would like to see a page somewhat of what i metioned.

    Thanks !

  36. Bethany  4:16 am

    Okay, I read on a comment that a girl asked ‘how do i be sure that its not a scam?’ You replied ‘A scams where you lose something and if you dont send anything then you cannot lose it, so therefore its not a scam, right?’ good point. But no, I could lose everything in my house. if i were to give out my address, then you could come to my house and steal stuff, right? yes.

  37. Kelsey S  2:24 pm

    I need a job asap i hate asking mom for money im going to be 14 in oct the sooner i get the job the better i live in Fort worth and arlington area im in the middle i need a job that isnt to far and pays a great deed for my age i have been on stage and i have been dilivering news papers in Wyoming b4 i do babysit kids and in my area i dont know really anyone who has kids who need to be babysat so i need a local job the looking for a girl with exsperiance 🙂 please contact me at

  38. Anthony  10:02 pm

    Hi, im anthony. I’m 14 and will be 15 soon. I really need a job so I can start to save up for a car, and to help out my parents. Im willing to do pretty much anything for work. If anybody has any answers email me at Please and thank you.

  39. wedellajoyner  11:16 pm

    It,s retty hard to find a job

  40. Money Making Ideas  4:44 pm

    Yes Bethany, someone could come to your house and steal stuff. There are over 300 million people in America and anyone of them could come to your house or any other house and steal stuff. It is good to be careful and not trust everything but your scenario is kind of silly. If you don’t trust anything on the Internet then it is best you never use it. SquishyCash is a legitimate site as far as I can tell and they have always paid me right on time.

  41. zach s.  8:04 am

    hey ill be 13 on oct. 11 and i need like 700 bucks but the problem is it is really hard 2 find 700 bucks on such a short notice so please email me and suggest something ty

  42. saaid  4:44 pm

    hey… i am a 12 year old i need some tips to make money to help out the family buy all the things i really need .. please help me i am desperate… i need to make money fast … and i am able to work multiple jobs.. and i live in the columbus ohio area

  43. jaida  6:27 am

    I need a job to help around the house and so that I will stop using up my parents money to do teenage things that I do all the time.

  44. andria  9:26 pm

    hey. I am 13 years old ad I have been really looking for a job, so that I can be more responsible and not have to ask my parents for money all the time. Please help me and give me answers on what to do to actually find a good, well-paying job. I am up for many things. I;ll do multiple things also, please help me!

  45. ana  1:44 am

    heyy, ok so this is sorty looking good, but I don’t get what we have to do. like I do think it might be a scam, but I think that a lot. I’m just reely confused how this works, and can 12 years olds do this. Basiclly is this legal for younger kids, adnd how do you useit. OO and how does it work yea so e-mail me, the system asked for my email and i don’t want to give it out soo………… yea well thanx

  46. Money Making Ideas  8:34 pm

    12 years old is too young. I’m sorry.

  47. Eldrich  9:29 pm


  48. victoria  12:26 am


  49. Felicia  1:23 am

    Hay i really need a job,i’m 14.Can someone please help me get a job i need money we have a little bit of a money problem………….pleas thankz

  50. Brandon  7:53 pm

    hey im 13 and tired of my dad not getting me things i want but my sister and brothers i need a job soon please get me one thanks

  51. Patsypill  1:17 am

    Squishycash really works, there are very few sites as good. I’ve been online full-time for 5 years and I only found 6 or 7 really Great sites and Squishycash is at the very top of the list.

  52. rock  3:09 am

    i need a job bekause my mom dosent have enoughmoney to buy us stuff its only me and my brother an mom we live toghether our dad dosent live with us

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