Jobs for 15 year olds are very hard to find because most companies won’t hire people that young. It doesn’t seem fair but in most cases, you need to be at least 16 years old to get a job. Many businesses feel that anyone 15 and younger is too young and they don’t want to deal with “kids”. So, 15 year olds are often left with babysitting, mowing lawns, gardening, painting and any other odd job they can find around the neighborhood. As an alternative you can try:

This is NOT A JOB but you can try CashCrate for a free and fun way to make extra $$. Here is a video of my latest check and a picture below of another check I have gotten.

If you are 15 or 16 and looking for ways to make some extra cash, then you can start to do that from your room! CashCrate is a FREE survey site that you can join and start making money and you will never have to spend any money doing it and you DO NOT NEED A CREDIT CARD. I started at Cash Crate over 7 years ago and now I make between $100 and $300 EVERY MONTH.

CashCrate Check


December 2012 payment from CashCrate – $254.27

CashCrate is a great site and real easy to navigate and earn extra money. It is not really a jobs for 16 year olds but it is a tested real way for anyone 13 years and older to earn extra money. You do not need a credit card and they will send you a real paper check every month just like I got in the video.

When you sign up to CashCrate you should start out by doing all offers that say “Register for free” as those are real quick. You should also make sure you clear your computer’s cookies before each one to make sure you get credit. Then move on to all the free surveys and everything else that says “100% free”. Of course you don’t own a credit card so you can’t do any offers that require one but you don’t ever need to do any credit card offers (I never have).

You can also make even more money by referring your friends and then you and they will be making money together. If you start making referrals you will see that you can make more and more money as you will get a percentage of what your referrals make! Note: you can’t advertise on MySpace or FaceBook.

CashCrate is not a jobs for 15 and 16 year olds but is is a good online website that you can go to in your spare time during winter or summer to make extra cash. Learning different money making ideas you can do in your free time is sick and once you start making money with this free paid survey site you definitely will want to tell all your friends!

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  1. Eve  6:21 pm

    are you sure theres no catches?
    & can you do this if you live in the UK?

  2. Money Making Ideas  6:37 pm

    You can do CashCrate if you live in the UK but there might be fewer surveys/offers available to you. I do know for sure that you can refer people wherever you live and make money that way. CashCrate also pays by PayPal now if you don’t like the paper checks.

    You ask about “catches”. There are no catches with CashCrate and if you have any questions you should go to the forums after you join and see if your questions are answered there. CashCrate gives you money for doing surveys and registering for things and they can do that because they are only paying part to you of what they get for referring you to these offers. For instance, maybe they get paid $1.00 for getting you to fill out a survey. They then turn around and give 50 cents to you. That way they make money and you make money.

    For people living in the UK here are some other options although I don’t know about the age requirements for these. Please go to this link for more ways to make money in the UK:

    Ways To Make Money in the UK

  3. Nick  6:31 pm

    How can you tell how much money you make with just surveys/offers? Plus I’m 16 and I need a job to earn cash, is it worh it signing up for CashCrate and earning cash without actually “working”? Because I’m always hearing from people and news that websites like CashCrate are bogus and are not gonna pay you just for doing surveys and other stuff online.

  4. Money Making Ideas  7:05 pm

    You saw the video of my check as proof that they pay. I have made over $300 already this month again so I don’t know what to tell you. I would say to sign up and then go read the forum where there are lots of hints and tips and other people who will validate that you WILL GET PAID!

  5. Tina  10:05 pm

    If you get paid, does the check/cash get sent over to your house in mail?

  6. David  12:46 am

    What company is CashCrate in anyway?? I hear it’s a good site to earn cash and I believe it’s real, so what company is it in?

  7. Money Making Ideas  12:40 pm

    The check gets sent in an envelope through the mail to the address you give so make sure you use the correct address. It is a real check that any bank will cash.

    The company that owns CahsCrate is Kingside Media.

  8. Jake  5:32 am

    Can you do cashcrate in Washington and is it a good business under bbb.com, because bbb.com has all the good companies and businesses and Cashcrate should be in it.

  9. Money Making Ideas  4:21 pm


    You can see the video of my check and the screen print of where I got paid via PayPal one month here http://moneymakinghobby.com/2008/10/01/make-money-using-paypal-and-cashcrate/

    I don’t know or care whether they are part of BBB because I GET PAID and that is all I care about!

  10. Crystal  11:44 pm

    What about taxes?? How does that apply to this??

  11. Crystal  11:52 pm

    Oh and one more thing what if i want to end my account am i able to cancel it or is there a penalty???

  12. Money Making Ideas  12:01 pm


    You only have to pay taxes if you make more than $600 in a year. Then they will ask for your social security number.

    You can cancel your account with no penalty anytime.

    You can read more in the forums where most or all of your questions will be answered.

  13. Crystal  10:22 pm

    Is there a way to know which one you don’t have to be 18 for without going through all of them?? Because I’m 15 and it’s becoming apain to find all the surveys that are only for 18 years old and higher.

    Thank you!!! :-) 😀 😛

  14. Money Making Ideas  12:21 am

    I’m not sure about that Crystal. I would ask that question in the forums and one of the moderators might be able to answer it.

  15. Sheila  4:18 pm

    Thanks for showing me CashCrate. It’s fun and I’m starting to make money now! I just got my first check!!!

  16. Jared  6:06 pm

    These kind of sites are bullcrap, no one, unless rich, gives away free money. With corperate America the way it is now, money is a major issue. Also some offers tell you to do this, do that and when you are finally done something/problem pops up at the end meaning that you have wasted all that time trying to get “free money”, which is almost impossible.

  17. jake  8:51 pm

    How long does it take to fill out one of the surveys and how much do you get for each?

  18. Money Making Ideas  1:09 am


    Sorry you feel that way. My check I get every month sure seems to be real. Also the my bank and bank account also think they are real.

    Are companies not advertising any more on TV and radio? Hmmm…last time I checked they still are. And so are companies continuing to advertise on the Internet and sites like CashCrate. CashCrate is real my friend and I have the checks to prove it

  19. brenda  8:47 pm

    to get a real job lik pizza hut, walmart,etc… can i be 14 years of age? i was born on 1994 and i think thats 14if not its 15 but im lookin for a real job even tho cashcrate sounds nice. will u please tell me if i will b able to aplly for the real jobs?

  20. Money Making Ideas  3:33 pm

    I’m not sure about what companies allow what ages. I would sign up and see what ages are required after signing up. You may be too young to sign up and then it would tell you that. Also the individual companies probably have the age requirements in their ads inside SnagAJob.

    But you are not too young to sign up for CashCrate :)

  21. Brittany  4:46 am

    hi, I was wondering if this really worked. I am 14 years old and i am trying to get me a job but it seems like i am too young. Is there going to be any fees i would have to pay? Also will it get me in any type of trouble if i start? I’m Really trying to trust this. So please tell me if this is not Bull Or fake

  22. Money Making Ideas  12:33 pm

    You have seen the video of my check, it is real. There are no fees. You will not get in trouble as you need to be 13 and you are 14. But you should ask your parents first. I know things on the Internet are hard to trust but this is real and you can make real spending money with this.

  23. isabel  3:42 am

    ok so im in cash crate already but my money is still on the pending side ?
    i checked my account like 10 times logged in and out and my money is still in pending ?
    i really want my first paycheck help 😀

  24. Money Making Ideas  4:37 am

    Please go to the forum and poke around there. The answer to most questions like your are there in the threads along with hints and advice from other members

  25. adriana orellana  12:03 am

    hi my name is adriana and i am a 16 year old looking for a job, i was wondering if you can help me get one?

  26. Money Making Ideas  12:06 am

    Sign up for SnagAJob and you should be able to find one in your area, Adriana.

  27. jordan  4:06 pm

    how will i know how long it will take to get off pending earnings to the months earns. please help.

  28. Money Making Ideas  1:42 pm

    Jordan please go to the forum and read the threads about pending earnings.

  29. Alyssa  5:37 am

    so i really want to do this, but i hear all the horror stories. my parents dont really trust this, and i dont know how to prove it to them. (i showed my dad the video- he kinda thinks its forged, that anyone can do it.) anyone else who does this have legit proof? and honestly, any downsides? thanx so much. (also, how old r u? how long u been doing this?)

  30. money making ideas  12:27 pm

    How do you forge a video like that? Sorry Alyssa, some parents don’t trust anything but since you never have to give CashCrate anything but a name and email, what can go wrong? Also, after you sign up you can go to the forum and read what others are making so either a whole lot of people are lying and it is one big conspiracy, or it is legit. Oh BTW, there are many scams on the Internet but that does not mean everything is.

  31. sarah  1:30 am

    hi, i am interested in signing up for surveyteam…do they pay like cashcrate?

  32. Thomas Meadows  5:51 pm

    I need a job that pays cash..!!

  33. amy  8:28 pm

    i was just wondering about this cashcrate website. do i have to pay anything at all?

  34. Neelum Bahaduri  1:15 am

    since 2008 had bad economy and buissiness went down, my allowance started to decrease and I was wondering if I can work for myself just for good experience and to see how its like working for myself and getting my own money that I worked for. If anyone could please tell me where they need hiring for a 15 yr old like me, i would really be happy

  35. Money Making Ideas  3:56 am

    You never ever have to pay them anything. Just never do any of the offers that require a credit card. Do only the free offers.

    If you want a real part time job, sign up for SnagAJob. They have jobs that 15 year olds would qualify for that pay hourly.

  36. Devon  1:50 am

    hey i just started on cash crate i keep trying out surveys that are 100% free but must of them end up making u pay by singing up on another website.

    can some give me some help on witch survey to click that really is 100% free

  37. Tom Jones  2:59 am

    Hello i was wondering if you HAVE to clean out your cookies before each one, because every time i clean out my cookies it logs me off. If i don’t clean out my cookies do i not get paid?

  38. Money Making Ideas  5:29 am

    Be sure to go to the forum and read all the threads there. You can sort to find all the 100% free surveys and you NEVER have to sign up for anything.

    Tom Jones,
    You don’t have to but it is recommended otherwise some of your surveys will not convert and will stay pending.

  39. TheGame  6:56 am

    Let me ask…
    If it is so easy to make money, what do they get out this besides reviews? It makes no sense.

  40. Money Making Ideas  3:10 pm
  41. rochelle  7:39 am

    Like every single survey you click on, it asks for your address…
    they don’t send you stuff in the mail do they? i don’t feel right just givin out my address to strange websites

  42. nadine  1:01 pm

    okay so i signed up for it.
    but i can’t seem to find out what
    survey to take all i see
    requires card thingies..

  43. Money Making Ideas  2:14 pm

    You need to put in your real address in your CashCrate profile so that they can send you your check!

    Go to the 100% free offers…there are tons of them. Also go to the forum where there are tutorials.

  44. nadine  2:28 pm

    hmm. i only have 3 offers. only one is free. haha. unlucky for me, i think it depends on what country you are from.

  45. Devin  6:54 am

    Ok, when i see offers or surveys i just click on them then I just click sumbit on the list and i receive the payout without having to fillout anything so do I still get paid?

  46. Money Making Ideas  2:59 pm

    Like I have been telling everyone else, the best way to start is to read the tutorial on the front page and then go to the forum. There you will find more tutorials and lots of hints and tips from others. I think almost all of your questions will be answered in the forum.

  47. breyana  4:17 am

    hey so you say we don’t need nothing but take suvery a ok i ask my mom because i need money

  48. Emily  11:28 pm

    What are the surveys on? and how much do you get paid per survey? Are there many for people 15 years old?

  49. Jonah  7:53 pm

    I got a question, everything says you need to be 18 and up.
    when you signed up for the cashcrate, did you give fake info?
    as in fake name, fake address, etc?

  50. Money Making Ideas  3:58 pm


    The terms of service say that anyone 13 to 18 need their parents consent. That means it is OK to sign up for anyone 13 and over. Don’t give a fake addess when you sign up because they have to have the right address to send you your check :)

    If you are having trouble with surveys you can always learn how to refer people as that is another way to make money. Please read: http://moneymakinghobby.com/2009/02/01/how-to-make-cashcrate-referrals/

  51. Jonah  6:40 pm

    I’m sorry, I didn’t write the question correctly. I meant, when you are doing the surveys for instance, you need to be 18 and up. Do you need to give true information here?

  52. Zykia  3:12 am

    I was wondering if you get started on cashcrate and want to move on to another job and still want to kepp cashcrate can you? And also I was wondering are there requirements

  53. Money Making Ideas  9:53 pm

    You can start or quit any time. It is not a real job, just a way to make some extra spending money.

  54. Julia Spence  10:53 pm

    I’m a teen and have earned over $200 from Cashcrate just form 3 months of doing it here and there in my spare time 5 days a week. It really does work, I agree with you!! 😀

  55. Garold  11:23 pm

    how do u make alot of money like u do in an easier way than filling all those offers it would take forever

  56. dundre roberson  3:16 am

    i want to work .
    i have a baby on the way and i need a job.
    i can do anything you need me to do

  57. sierra  5:04 pm

    my name is sierra gammon and I am 15 years old and looking for a job online I really love this website please help me find a online job.

  58. jobelle  7:05 am

    i was wonderin’ if this really works? i have just signed up in cashcrate and at the perfspot, you know.. the survey team thing. ya.. cos you see, i am looking myself a job for this summer and maybe a regular part time job. i am really into this thing already so if you had bad experience or bad comments just please let me know cos i dont wana put myself and my name into any trouble. THANK YOU! Ü

  59. Money Making Ideas  1:42 pm

    Doing surveys is not a job or a part time job. It is just a way to make some extra spending money. If you need a summer job you should sign up for SnagAJob that has real jobs in your area.

  60. Shelby  5:08 am

    Hey, I’m 15yrs old & I was wondering if there is any other website for teen jobs? Because the SnagAJob site doesn’t have any jobs in my area for 15 year olds…it’s all 16yrs+ Can you help?

    & I’m not really interested in the survey job…sorry.

  61. Grace Nzidee  10:19 pm

    I am 17 year old and I just want to work for this summer, how many hour a day teenagers work

  62. Pharryl  5:25 pm

    But it doesn’t tell me how i get paid on survey-team or when i get paid i have a account with both but prefer the set up of survey-team but like the guidance of cash crate in my opinion survey-team is better.

  63. Pharryl  6:31 pm


  64. lakay  8:27 pm

    Is this really real? I mean you fill out questions and get money for it?!!!? It doesn’t seem real.The questions aren’t like personal questions? and like they give it out to other people?

  65. Money Making Ideas  2:01 pm

    For all the recent questions, I again say to go to the forum and the tutorials. The answers to all your questions is in the forum and tutorials. Please poke around the site and get familiar with it. All your answers are there!

  66. michael seevers  8:09 pm

    ok sounds cool

  67. Alyssa  10:43 pm

    I am 17, and have been looking for a job ever since i was 15 1/2!! I have not been the least bit successful!!! I cannot get my drivers license till i get a job so that i can pay for gas and insuranc, and this stuff sounds easy. I just DON’T want to be having all sorts of trouble with my computer: spam, strange ppl trying to contact me, or VIRUSES!! So if this is FOR REAL…. is there any way you can prove it to me. Thanks so much for your time.

  68. Money Making Ideas  12:08 am

    The picture of the check and video is the proof.

  69. Slyvester  1:24 am

    Hi! My name is Slyvester and i just made 15 on 04-01 and i’am looking for a nice part time job quick. Could you help me?

  70. claudine  9:11 am

    I am 16 and I live in the Philippines. Do you think I can apply in CashCrate?
    If ever I got paid via check, where can I have it exchanged for money?

  71. Money Making Ideas  4:17 am

    Most of the offers are for people living in the U.S. so there wont be many for you. The only real way you could make money with CashCrate is to refer people.

  72. Liz  12:55 pm

    How long does a check usually take for them to send? I really want to try this but Im a bit worried about it. What exactly do the surveys entail and will it at all crash my commputer at any time?

  73. kristen  11:08 pm

    Ok so i made an acount on cash cratre and iwas gonna do the suryes and stuff but i was wondering for the things you have to register for like the “free imac” things do they really give you theses or is it just trying to get you to sign up? please tell me so i can start making money!

  74. Money Making Ideas  11:39 pm

    Usually you can skip the items like those as there is a “skip” button at the bottom of the page. Always look for the skip button.

  75. Money Manking Ideas  11:42 pm

    If you are worried then go to the forum and see what everyone else says about CashCrate. There is a thread there where everyone shows the checks they have been paid

  76. Kasey  3:50 am

    I am 16 years old. I have already graduated high school as of this year. I am in desperate need of a full time job. The catch is, Im trying to get emancipated. I am stuck in a bad home situation. I have tried to go out and find a full time job, but jobs are scarce. I am really trying hard to find a good paying job online. All I have found so far are scams (thankfully I havent fallen for any of them.) An online job would benifit me well because I can work from anywhere. Another reason I need an online job is because I am moving to California when I get emancipated. I need an apartment here in Ohio first. I need a good amount of money and fast. I need a ligit job for the judge to okay. I really need help here. Can you help me please? I really really really need this. I would like to make around $500+ a week and not a month.

    Thank you.


  77. deserae  1:04 pm

    i really need a dancing job that gives me money.

  78. Jon Smidt  12:53 am

    Where can i cash in my cash crate check? Have you ever had problems cashing the check?

  79. Money Making Hobbies  10:10 pm

    This is a real check and any bank will cash it (you usually have to have an account with a bank before they cash checks though). If you don’t have an account then your parents will be able to cash it.

  80. Shaquayla Reed  4:47 pm

    Hey, My name is Shaquayla I was wondering if you can help me find a job at the age of 16. Even though I’ll be 17 December 7,2009. If you having anything to tell me please contact me at quaylaboo123@yahoo.com. I would like to know If you can help me find one.

    Thank You

  81. Jasmine Collins  6:05 pm

    I was wondering if u could help me find a job?

  82. Angel  6:13 pm

    i have been lookin for a job for about 2 years i need help of findin one my very first job

  83. shante  6:04 pm

    hi my name is shante fisher and i am 16 years old and i really need and wont a job really bad so if you can help me get a job asap please contact me at my email address at shante_08allday@yahoo.com

  84. Andrew  3:35 am

    so which pays more? which is better?
    CashCrate or SurveyTeam?

  85. andre  2:51 pm

    hi my name is andre lawson i am 16 years old and reall need a job for the summer . if u can help me get a job asap please contact me at these two numbers 813-770-3048 and 813-516-4492 and have a bless day

  86. Floyd Robinson  6:06 pm

    my name is floyd robinson and i am 15 years old…..i am on a b honor roll my whole school year except 3rd quarter and a REALLY need a jod

  87. Lauren  8:33 pm

    hi my name is lauren moncaster, i am 15 years old and i am really desperate for a job. i will do anything from a cafe to cleaning. i want to earn some money. if you can help me please ring 01522 829177

  88. Tiffani  7:46 pm

    does it cost to use cashcrate?

  89. Money Making Hobbies  1:25 am

    CashCrate is free to sign up and there are offers where you have to pay but you don’t have to do those. All you have to do is the free offers and surveys.

  90. Jasmine  7:47 pm

    I would like to find a well paying job for the summer , being 16years old you want thing and need thing of your own with out depending on others

  91. Jada Jones  5:54 pm

    Hi, my name is Jada Jones. I am looking for a job so I can buy a car next year. I am pretty handy and I do things to the best of my ability. I really need a job, so if have one to offer me please contact me.

  92. Ashley Sims  10:09 pm

    my name is ashley i’m 15teen about 2 be 16teen july 11,2009 and i’m looking for a job for the summber but if could would work doing school year but mostly looking for somethimg that got somthing to do with working with younger kids

  93. Whitney  12:00 am

    omg i cant find a job any where near me the only place willing to hire a 15 yr old is McDonalds and even they wont hire me im really desperate and i only need part time until school starts uhhhggg plz help me!!!!

  94. Melanie Lopez  11:08 pm

    Hello, I’m Melanie, I’m 15,Lives in Chicago.I am looking for a job, I have siblings who are hearing impaired which means I know sign language and also spanish, I am a very strong minded and committed in work I am willing to do, I have patience in many things; I enjoy taking care of kids Please email if any request.:).

  95. laura  1:46 pm


    At the end of the day we are young and we are not going to be paying bills yet so grow up i just want a job so i can have my own inpedence and not depend on parents all the time not because of the gas bill x.

  96. seminole  2:15 am

    i need a job, i am 15 but i turn 16 in november
    i am fun. outgoing and easy to work with. i need a job to help with the family and i need to pay $100.00 to some one and i dont have that type of cash

  97. Diana  7:59 pm

    i am 15 and looking for a job. i am a certified babysitter but i am willing to work hard at any job opportunity offered. i need the money to help my parents with bills and also for my tuition at my high school St. Ignatius College Prep. I would really appreciate any help!

  98. adeela zaidi  8:24 pm

    hy iam 17 years old and looking for a job.iam willing to work hard at any job opportunity offered.i need the money to help my parents with rent my appartment.i would really appreciate any help.

  99. lilcurtis gilliam  6:58 pm

    hi my name is lilcurtis gilliam iam 15 years old and looking for a job.i am willing to work hard at any job opportunity offered.i need the money to help my parents with rent my appartment.i would really appreciate any help.my numer is 515-559-7009

  100. Kimberly Hart  7:14 pm

    Hi I’m Kimberly Hart and I am willing to work any job no matter what. I really just need a job right now though this will be my first job but I am willing to do anything you throw at me. Please can you help me.

  101. treshana  4:23 pm

    Hi my name is Treshana Walls I am 15yrs old i am looking for a job. to keep me busy on weekends. I am willing to work hard at any job opportunity offered. I can help my mother with any bills, so that as i get older i will learn how to be responsible. this will also help out my resume so i will have experince.

    and for further information you can call me on 646-542-0456 or 678-392-6954 my name is Treshana Walls

    Thank you

  102. kevin  12:33 am

    my name is kevin am 15 year old i hop i find a job for the summer because i really like working around i live in miami fl . and i want to get money my own way because am tried asking my parent for money for school .they been getting me mad all summer about getting a job i just need help to get a job i got to stay home just sleep and watch tv for more information call at this number 305-244-4807or 754-214-3779 my name is kevin eteinne thank you and i willing to do anthing kind of job

  103. Holly Kirby  4:29 pm

    My name is Holly Kirby im 15 years old from Hull and i am willing to do any job over the summer, as i want to make my own money. The trouble is i can’t find nothing with information as to how to apply for one. For more information and any job offer’s call 07796022804.

  104. Aarom Pegues  11:25 pm

    my name is Aaron Pegues am 15 year old i hope i find a job for the summer because i really like working around i live in maryland . and i want to get money my own money so i can learn to be responsible.they been getting me mad all summer about getting a job i just need help to get a job. I am welling to do anything for a job please contack if intrested 301-316-1070

  105. Emily  7:05 pm

    Hi, my name is Emily Dyer I’m trying to look for a summer job, cause I just moved out of my paretns house, I’ve been having a pretty rough time. I’m just looking for somthing to keep my mind intertained. Keep my mind busy you know. Well if possible if anyone reads this please please email me at emilytheweaner@aim.com. Sorry about the email my friend made it.

    P.s. I’m looking for anything, I get along with people really really well. I don’t really mind about money. I mean I need to make money but I don’t mind how much I make, I’m a pretty smart kid so don’t try and rip me off. Just make it reasonalbe.

    Thank you!

  106. rudolfabbey  5:09 am

    hi am young boy of 17 years of age and every night when i come out of school i just site down and play game on my computer and a friend of my told me that i should top plain game on computer and u should find online business to do.fest i thought is lin and he give the site wet latter when i find it is true it is good for children at 15 years to work..

  107. Koolsee Xiong  11:44 pm

    Hello, my name is Koolsee Xiong. I am sixteen years old and is looking for a job. I have great experience with taking care of kids. I’m well organized and a well-rounded person. I need to get a job to help out my parents with the bills around the house. I am the oldest out of seven kids and I really hope i get a job soon. I want to help out my parents and make life easier for my them. Thank you.

  108. Lynn  12:03 am


    I defintely need little help

    I AM hearing impaired

    I can hear little but im wearing hearing aid which make me hear lot better

    i need job so i can earn some money( i alway get money from my parent which it not fair, also need earn money myself)
    I know sign language
    I have real bad speech disabilted
    and also i have litte of bad spelling disabilted!

    I want to work at job that way easy for me

    i love working with dogs, and kid
    i also love teaching kid how to sign language.
    I really good working with deaf and hearing impaired

    but i can NOT work as doctor, cop, vet or anything like that
    Those kind of job are NOT easy for me

    you have to know how to spell their last name or first name

    and oh, im about to be 16 yrs old

  109. Kiearra Scruggs  3:50 am

    Hi My name is Kiearra Scruggs and I’m 15 years old and looking for a before September 8th when starts back the things im good at are baking such as creme brulee and cakes and other pasty and stuff and i not talking bout the easy bake oven cooking im talking ace of cakes baking & last cake standing but I can’t cook stuff chicken other meats Nooo!! and I design cards like birthday cards and stuff and love animals and make bracelets and good with people and looking for jobs Livonia And Farmington Hills Michigan # 248)579-3776 or 248) 987-4129.

  110. Deandre thomas  9:28 pm

    Hi im Deandre thomas looking for any job i can cook clean wash anything that need to be done im 16 years old going on 17 and november im well spoking in a very kind person.if u have any questions contact me at 1773-840-3129 thank you

  111. lara  12:15 am

    hi my name is lara looking for jab my age is 16 years old i want u guys to help me find a job

  112. letticia javar  8:53 pm

    Hi, my name is letticia javar and im looking for my first job nd im 16 years old.I have experiance with anamals and kids im a teenage mother. I know how to cook and clean.Im looking for a job I plan on graduating high school and go to CRC for college to get my degree to be a palmonary hypertension nurse and get my degree in child care proficiancy so i can own my own daycare.I get along with everybody and good with elderly people send me a message at my email adress if you think you can help me thank you by my email adress is mrsserv4ntes@aol.com.

  113. lakeisha brown  9:10 pm

    i never had a job. i have one child and im 15. having a child and tryin to have money to take care of him is hard i need help and with a job i can make it happen i can help my mom with bills and take care of her and my childs needs.so contact me at 904 314 8008

  114. Ryan  4:05 pm

    Hey I got a question for Money Making Ideas…You make $400-500 a month how many hours do you spend a month filling out these surveys? And are surveys all you do or please explain what yoU do on cash crate to earn sooo much. Thanks for your help in advance.

  115. Money Making Ideas  4:37 pm

    I do surveys, offers, and refer people too.

  116. Autumn  5:47 pm

    When your actually doing the surveys do you have to put in your real information? Not when your signing up for CashCrate. I know you need to put your real address in then, because I don’t want to put my address in every time a survey tells me to. Will I still get my money or not?

  117. Money Making Ideas  1:35 pm

    You always have to use real information otherwise it is considered fraud and your account will be cancelled and you will not get paid.

  118. estrella  11:11 pm

    hi my name is estrella am student am 15 my birthday is 10/18/93 am on da 10 grade am a person smart and i need a job i got problems with my family there no jobs and i want to help them.

  119. Cait  3:36 am

    No offense, but you make it seem like $480 is a lot of money, while it really isn’t.
    I take care of my elderly neighbors and cook their meals for them everyday, work at six flags three days a week, and just ask around for random odd jobs, and I make about $300 a WEEK. It’s not even hard work. People are just afraid to work. I’m a girl, and I’m only 15, and trust me I HATE sweating and getting physical, and what I do is no hard work at all.
    If you have anyone in your neighborhood that needs assistance, just knock on their door and ask! I can’t make any promises but they’ll probably want your help!

    Also I used to work at Mc.Donald’s, and I was actually asked to apply at six flags by a customer!
    Just be pleasant and cheerful wherever you go because you never know!

  120. Money Making Ideas  11:36 pm

    CashCrate is NOT A JOB! It is just a good way to make some extra cash from the comfort of your home and computer. That’s all…I’m not saying it should or could replace a job. If you need some extra Christmas money for gifts though, it is a good place to get it.

  121. yoandra  5:06 pm

    hi my names yoandra this will be my first job . im just looking for a way ican make money in a healthy way and its a great learing experience.

  122. Lili  11:03 pm

    I think this is a great way to make extra money and it’s also a great opportunity for those who need extra money to get.

  123. T.J.A.  8:55 pm

    Hi there, kid,
    Not sure what your name is, but wanted to congratulate you for your honest answers. You don’t seem to be misguiding your peers. As you said, this is not a job but a way to earn some extra cash from home. Not sure how it works. I’ve had no experience with this. But your checks and videos look real and you seem honest, and your answers are straight. I’ll be telling my teen son about it.
    Thanks man… from a hard working dad!

  124. kortni  3:46 pm

    I am 14 but going to be 15 in febuary i am doing a paper for my class and i need to know how to get a job and what i will need to get that job i would really appreciate it if i got an snswer back. Thanks a million

  125. Pat  9:51 pm

    Looking for a job for my daughter turning 15 in December. This sounds like a good opportunity to make money if it’s legit. Can you answer one question though…Will completing the surveys in any way effect our computer? We only have one in our household and I don’t need any viruses or anything that will slow it down since I need it for work too. I also don’t want ot get any SPAM e-mails.


  126. Money Making Ideas  10:04 pm

    I’ve never had a problem or heard of a problem with anything affecting the computer. With regard to spam, you need to set up a free email account through Yahoo or Aol just for doing the offers because you will get some spam and that way it won’t bother you if you don’t want it to.

  127. Jamey  5:41 pm

    I am in need of a job, or else me and my family will be living on the streets.
    Please contact me if you know of any where that is hiring.

  128. Carl London  1:31 am

    Is the check real? Did you recieve it through the mail or is it just on the computer.

  129. Kaleigh  6:34 am

    my name is Kaleigh and i’ll be turning 15 in feb. but I need to get some type of job (part time) to pay for gas once I get my permit in July. But I would like to start early that way i have some extra cash for my car. Can you help me?
    please email me back.

  130. Money Making Ideas  4:25 pm

    It is a real check. Once you sign up you can go into the forum and there is a whole section on “I just got paid” so you will see that it is real and others are getting paid as well.

  131. Miasha  1:22 am

    My name is Miasha and im am currently 15 years old. I am looking for a job early so i can get started and save up money for a car. If you have any job oppurtunities and offerrs for me, please feel free to email me!

    Thank you,

  132. tykeya  11:11 pm

    I am fifteen also and im i serious need of a job as soon as possible and i need one in my area and if you have any offers please contact me through my email. thank you.

  133. Grace  9:28 am

    cashcrate sounds like a really good way of making
    money:). However i live in the united kingdom(UK)
    an im wondering if i will have the same chances as americans
    to make the same amount of money? Im 15 the way.


  134. blake  9:08 am

    hi my name is blake im in the uki realy want to do this job as i have not had a job apart from a paper round which i realy hate but with cashcreate but my dad is not sure and im not sure what it is you actually do i have looked on the forum but still dont get it , help me please

  135. katie  6:02 pm

    This seems a little weird! money fr just taking a survey but really what i want to know is will my computer get any viruses or anything that will make it crash because i can not put anything on my computer that will mess it up..

  136. Money Making Ideas  2:34 pm

    When you sign up for CashCrate you are not installing anything on your computer. And I have never had any trouble with any of the sites or surveys messing up my computer.

  137. jodi griffith  5:46 pm

    hi i would like too have a good job thank you ever much.

  138. osmith  7:56 pm

    hi my name’s oli, i’m 15 and want a small time job at anything but paper rounds, i’m asking is it easier to wash cars for a couple of quid or be a glass collecter at a resturant or something?, i should be able to do more coz i get off school at 1 every day

  139. Alma  11:44 pm

    okay so i live in USA now but i made my email in mexico a long time ago
    does taht mean the money will go to mexico or what???

    i know this question is stupid but im just wandering.

  140. Money Making Ideas  4:47 pm

    Your check will be sent to the ADDRESS you enter in the system.

  141. condrella.nickerson  5:31 pm

    i need a job im 15 years old

  142. Patrick evans  1:19 am

    I have no experience but I would like to learn… so I could save money for college

  143. luke  2:17 pm

    hi my names luke im 15 and would like to get a job my mum wont get of my back she said i need to learn how to make money so when im older i will be able to do things on my own

  144. keiran  7:03 pm

    hi im looking for a job but im only 14 and still at school can u help plz. thanx buy k.cowling

  145. bethany  11:48 am

    hiya my name is bethany and i am looking for a job because i ned to learn how to make money by myself so then i can have iears for when i am a bit oler thank you x

  146. JDZ  8:35 pm

    hey i really need i job. iam willing to work hard , and i realized that sum teens who have jobs dont really appreciate it.

  147. jawad  7:04 pm

    i really need for job because support my family

  148. Kristy  8:16 pm

    I’m 15 years old….my name’s kristy….and I really in need of a job to support my family….help please???

  149. aaron  9:37 pm

    im 14 years old going on 15 and i went to this site and all of the surveys are like 75 cents or 50cents not as bigs as you make it seem how do i make the big dollars please tell me

  150. aaron  9:38 pm

    im looking for any job really im about to be 15 i need the job cause i want to save to put half on a car

  151. reina  1:14 pm

    hay my name is reina im 15 years old . im looking for a job… i need help looking for one so pleace help me … i a very kind girl i cant do anything …. so just email me for any jobs at temorisa1030@yahoo.es

  152. nelsonayala  4:27 pm

    hi my name is nelson ayala i need of a job as soon as possible and i need one in my area and if you have any offers please contact me through my house phone 1718 327 4939 thank you

  153. ROBSHEEN JORDAN  5:30 pm

    IM 15

  154. I need a job asap.in I’m a good working I love to work

  155. Jessika Ewing  9:21 am

    Hello,My Name Is Jessika.I Am In Need Of Any Job In My Area Or A Little Further Away..Please Contact Me On 707.703.3922 Or Email Me..Thank You.

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