I wanted to take some time to go over how I have learned to earn money online. Unfortunately, what I have learned is that at least online, there are really no easy money making ideas that actually work. There are tons of ads and ebooks claiming to have all the secrets, but most if not all of them don’t tell you the whole story.

Money making is something we are all interested in sooner or later in life and most of us spend our whole lives trying to make money so that we can eat and live. Obviously, if it were easy to make money, we would all be rich and be living our dreams. It is no different in the online world as it is in the offline world: good money making ideas are hard to come by and all require work.

I have been doing this for about a year and a half now and I have never worked harder trying to turn this into a second income.  It took me at least six months before I realized I was on the wrong path and needed to make some changes to my strategies. What has resulted is a group of many websites and blogs that all make a little bit of money every day. Some of them make more than others but they all make something. Someday I hope to have over 200 different blogs all making over a dollar a day.

The goal of these websites is to get search engine traffic from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Google is by far the most important of the three as it is the search engine of choice for most people. I would be ecstatic to be listed on the first page of Google and nowhere on the other two..that is how dominant Google is. Search engine traffic is the most valuable because you are getting people who are actually searching for what you are selling or talking about. This is called “targeted traffic” and that kind of traffic is the most valuable by far.

Most people who start with a blog or website online begin by trying to get any kind of traffic. They have probably read some of the very popular blogs that get thousands of visitors a day and claim to make tens of thousands of dollars a month. Incorrectly, these beginners assume that tons of traffic will equal lots of dollars for them. It is not until much later on that they discover that even if they have been able to get a lot of readers, regular readers and untargeted traffic do not make money. It took me over six months to realize this myself. 

My blogs are about many different topics and all of them are there in the hopes that people will search for those specific “niches” and find my blogs. Once they find my blogs the hope is that they will ultimately click on an ad, sign up for a program I am advertising, or buy a product I am advertising. In each of those cases, I would make money. I am trying to get only targeted search engine traffic to these blogs and no regular readers. In fact, I would prefer 10 targeted hits a day rather than 100 untargeted hits. Money making is my only goal, not fame or a big readership.

This is how many people successfully make money online. They direct targeted traffic to different advertisers and they get paid to do it. For someone just getting started online and looking for money making ideas, this is the way to begin. I started for about $10 dollars (the price of this website) but you can easily start for nothing with a free blog. I must warn you though, your patience will be tested and most people end up quitting before they have a chance. In fact, it might very well be 6 months before you make a dime.

When I started this blog, I picked a URL that I wanted to write about but I did not know how important the words in the URL were. Not many people search for “money making hobby” and so you need to do a fair amount of research before you buy a domain or choose a blog title from a free blog service. I have improvised and am now hoping for searchers trying to find “money making ideas” instead which is searched for more. At least the two words “money making” are there in my URL. This will help me get to the top of page one on Google faster for “money making ideas”.

I will continue this train of thought in future posts as I can hardly discuss everything I have learned in one shot. Money making online is complicated and requires knowledge of some basic priciples but anyone can do it if they have the patience and desire.

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  1. Jordan  6:30 pm

    Easy Money?

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