Continuing on from my post about easy money making ideas, I now have a group of blogs about many different topics. People in the online world like to call them “niches”. This blog here that you are reading started out as a blog about CashCrate which is a very small niche and now I am trying to expand it to cover other money making ideas.

In order to make money you need to be able to pick niches and groups of keywords that will make you money. I have started out with topics that I thought would be easier to get to the top of Google than some of the more difficult ones because I did not want to fail or get discouraged. Common sense tells you that when you are a beginner you should start with something that is easy and learn before stepping up to something hard. I think most people start out trying for niches that are too competitive and never get to the point where they start making any money or progress.

As it turns out, I want to point you to another blog which can tell you more than I ever can about making money with niche websites and specifically Adsense. How To Make Money Online has so much information that it will probably take you days to read everything but if you are serious then it is time well spent. On the December 5th post Griz actually links back to my other site as he used my question as part of the post. Getting a link from his site is very nice as it is a high authority site for making money but I wish he would have used the anchor text of “work from home jobs” instead of “work from home” when he linked to my site. This is because it is much easier for my other site to get to the top of Google with “work from home jobs” because it is far less competitive than “work from home”. I need to get as much authority for the easier term first before I tackle the harder one. (of course I could be wrong because I am now back on the first page of Google again).

Griz also talks about the proliferation and popularity of the social media websites. It is cool to chase the social traffic as most bloggers do but it will make you no money. This blog you are reading gets zero traffic from the social media sites and 100% from the search engines which is just the way I want it. In fact very few people may ever read this post unless I can start getting people to it looking for money making ideas that deal with niche websites.

Right now people find this blog who are searching for CashCrate related issues and teens are finding it who are looking for jobs for 15 and 16 year olds. I have provided them with two alternatives to their problem of finding a job and making extra money. That is what an ideal niche website does. It addresses a problem or need and points the reader in the right direction of finding a solution to that problem. If you can monetize that solution and get those targeted problem seekers to your site, you will make money.

Once you pick a topic or keyword your job is just starting. You still have to get a blog up, write posts that target your keywords, figure out how you are going to try to monetize it, and get links from other sites called backlinks. Backlinks are what make your site rise in the rankings of Google and they are what you should be spending much of your time trying to get. All this is fodder for other posts which I will cover at a later date.

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  1. Grizzly  3:50 pm


    I targeted the main keyword as you will have a harder time ranking for it and you’ll need a few authority links. The long tail won’t be as hard to get ranking for and figured you could rustle up the anchors on your own. I can change it if you want but my recommendation is not to – the link will help more in the long run as is.

    Let me know if you would rather have it changed.


  2. Money Making Ideas  1:10 am

    Thanks Griz,
    I thought I might possibly get a response from you this way 🙂

    I guess I am confused. I thought the anchor “work from home jobs” would help me with both “work from home” and WFHJ while the anchor “work from home” would only help with WFH. I still don’t understand that I think. If you come back, can you answer that? Thanks.

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