One of the popular money making ideas is to read emails for money. Now you need to know that you are not going to get rich doing this and there are really no such things as email reading jobs. However, if you know where to go and sign up, you can make a little every day and over time it ads up to some nice extra spending cash.

Inbox Dollars is a legitimate money making site that is free to sign up for where you can make money doing several things, one of which is reading email. You will get paid between 1 and 10 cents per email and the nice thing is that the paid email notices are sent right to your email if you choose. In other words, I get between 5 and 10 notices a day sent to me saying I have a paid email waiting to be read. All I have to do is click the link and I am taken directly to the email. Note that you NEVER have to sign up for anything in these emails or on Inbox Dollars to get paid.

Inbox Dollars offers a lot more than just reading emails for money and they even add $5.00 to your account just for signing up which is 100% FREE. You will also get paid to do offers, take surveys, play games, and get discounts on shopping if you go through their links. AT NO TIME WILL YOU EVER HAVE TO GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD TO GET PAID. You can choose to do some offers which may require a credit card or shop but you never have to. There are tons of stuff you can do that is 100% free and you WILL get paid.

Inbox Dollars has over 3.5 million members and if you are interested in how to make money reading emails and doing other similar things for free, signing up is a must.

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