Many of the people searching online for ways to make money aren’t looking for real jobs or long and involved methods of money making. The Internet and the media come at you so fast that most people have very short attention spans. They have heard you can make money online and are searching for something easy. What many people are trying to find are some quick money making ideaswhere they can spend a little time and make some extra spending money.

Inbox Dollars is a place you can go to make money in a variety of ways. They have over 3.5 million members which is a testament to their popularity. Now, I want you to know that this is not a job or a place where you are going to make tons of cash. It is however, a site where you can go to earn some money over and over again.

Inbox Dollars is not a survey site although they do have surveys there for you to get paid to take. You can choose to make money by reading emails, playing and testing games, getting cash back by shopping at name brand stores through their portal, and completing offers. There are also lots of surveys to take as well that you will get paid for. In short, there are lots of money making opportunities with Inbox Dollars.

Sites like this constantly have to fight off the stigma of possibly being a scam. Just one look at the interface when you sign up though, tells you that this is not a scam site. You can and will make money and get a check without ever using your credit card or sending them money. You can participate in some of the trial offers that you need a credit card for but that is 100% optional. Inbox Dollars will never ask you for money. Ever!

Sites like Inbox Dollars are legitimate because they are a gathering place for advertisers to get information, offer trial products, and get leads for sales from the general public. The Internet is now one of the main advertising mediums along with radio and television and most major companies have an Internet advertising budget. One of the places advertisers go to spend their advertising dollars is a place like Inbox dollars where they can advertise their products. You as a member of Inbox Dollars, will have the opportunity to make some of that advertising money these companies are using to get word out about their products and to find out more information about their target audiences.

Inbox Dollars offers all new members $5.00 just to sign up and it was immediately in my account when I did. You can’t cash that out right away though as you have to reach #30.00 before they will send you a check. This is something you can do a little of everyday and watch your money grow. Obviously, the harder you work at it and the more things you participate in, the more money you will make. I guess the title of this post “Quick Money Making Ideas” could really have been “Steady Money Making Ideas” as you will earn money with them steadily over time. Some people will earn more than others but everyone can make some quick cash at Inbox Dollar!

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