Project Payday and the concept of incentivized freebie websites is a neat little way to make money right from the get go. Let me first say this money making method is not for everyone and it does involve time and work…but everything worthwhile in life does. With Project Payday you don’t ever need a website but you will need a credit card and about $50.00 or so to get started. But once you get started you will never need to use your credit card again.

When you start out with Project PayDay, you will be doing some trial offers of different products and you will get paid for doing them by the people whose links you use. In other words, you will try a soap product or whatever product and they will get a commission because you clicked through their link. They will then turn around and pay you (usually betweet $20 and $25) part of their commission. Their payment to you will always be made through PayPal so you do need a PayPal account. You will not make a lot of money doing this but you need to consider it the training period where you learn how everything works and get familiar with all the concepts.

When you are ready, it will be time for you to “jump the fence” and become the one who pays others to do the offers for them. This is where you can make some nice money without too much work on your part. Your time will be spent collecting the commissions, paying out your workers share, and trying to recruit more people to do offers for you. Again, you don’t need any website for all of this because the whole system where this comes together is in Project PayDay. When done correctly, it is like running your own small business where people are doing offers for you and you are paying them. Of course you are paying them less than you are getting paid so you are always making money. That is the fun part…watching your PayPal balance grow as people do the offers for you.

This is something that you can make more money at the harder you work, guaranteed. Of all the online money making ideas, this is an innovative one that is 100% legitimate. It is not for everyone and some people will not want to put in the time to get to the point where they are having other people do offers for them. But if you do get to that point, making $100 to $200 per day is possible. Project Payday will explain how this very interesting system of freebie incentivized websites works and how you can start making money with them today.

Disclaimer: I have made money with several of these “incentivized freebie websites”

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