Many Americans are deep in debt right now and need some help. The economy is in the tank and people are losing jobs left and right. Now is the time to get your hands on some credit card debt relief or debt consolidation!

What is President Obama doing about American’s debt? First of all he has helped pass the stimulus bill which has in it help for many Americans with their mortgages. Many families are having trouble paying their mortgage because of lost jobs and other reasons and so he has made it easier to get a lower mortgage rate thus making their monthly bills lower. This is called theĀ mortgage bailout or mortgage assistance. So, if you have a mortgage you should look into getting a better mortgage plan with a lower rate of interest. This will help you with your debt.

Obama financial aid has been slow to come as he had made some proposals when he was a senator but nothing so far in his presidency. With the economy being so bad, there are a lot of people who might nee bankruptcy protection.

If you need money specifically for debt relief to pay your bills, pay medical bills, pay your mortgage, finish school, start a business or any other number of things, you might look into getting a government grant. This is another way to get someĀ Obama debt relief and there are many grant programs that will help you find what grants are available and teach you how to apply to them. If you want to pay off debt or just find a debt cure, getting a grant may be an answer.

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  1. debt relief  10:44 pm

    Thank you so much for your post! You really hit the nail on the head with this one. With the economy the way it is right now with all the layoffs and more to come; government spending and deficit out of control; the continued housing slump; one wonders where to turn for help. It sure is nice to know that there are debt management companies out there that can help folks avoid bankruptcy and still keep their heads above water. Thanks so much for the taking the time to post this information.

  2. Sue  12:46 am

    I would like to know why the credit card companies will not work with us when we contact them and try to work out a plan to pay them but they refuse to allow us to do that. They would rather we not pay them at all. It’s tough to have perfect credit for 40 years and when we want them to work with us through difficult times they refuse. Yet, it is our tax dollars that are being used for them to have their jobs. Where do they think their 780 billion dollar bail out is coming from?

  3. Matt  3:26 pm

    I work for a settlement company and have for the last 2 years. A few months ago I enrolled my aunt in our program. She is currently unemployed and only receives a modest amount from unemployment every month. I was looking for anyway to get her through the program quicker and I did look into government grants for her. The one thing I did find over and over again was that there is no government grant out there specifically for debt relief or credit card debt. If I missed something and you know of a link or where I could apply for her please let me know. I would love to get her out of the program fast and let her get back on with her life. Like many people out there she has had a rough go of it over the last few years and she just needs to get clear of the credit cards and medical bills. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. carolann katz  5:05 pm

    I have so much credit card debit it’s unbelievable, I am looking for HELP an to stop the endless phone calls. If I am one day late the credit card companies are calling my cell, my home and my job. I work for a construction company in New York and we are going through some very rough times, each Friday everyone is holding their breath as to who the boss will lay off next.

    I thought that the Obama plan was to have the credit card companies work with the consumers to reduce their debt and the tremendous amount of finance charges. I have not seen this happen even though I have called the credit card companies to reduce my interest rate and accept a final payoff. In you dreams, they want every ounce of blood due them and then some! No one wants to help the litte guy out.

    The rich have their own money, the poor the tax taxpayer is helping along with the insurance companies, the car manufacturers, and the banks.

    What’s happened to this country!

    When I was growing up the slogan ” So goes GM so goes the world” I guess that’s true today, GM is going down the toilet and the rest of the worl isn’t far behind!


    We need help NOW!!!

    I want to pay my bills put I am not too proud to say I need help.

  5. dan  1:16 am

    I agree if there going to bail out wall street the greedy bastards lost all the money in the first place ,banks, automakers then they should bail out us middle class , send us all 50,000 so we can pay all are bills off.hey college tution is the biggest rip off going, the law says you go to school grade 1-12 but once in college we tap you for 100,000 and 6 months after graduation, you go right into debt making payments . this world sucks . I say wipe the slate clean on all credit cards and so away with them . debit cards only hey maybe we should go back to gold

  6. G. Young  3:31 pm

    I am trying to find out about some of the debt relief….
    sponsored by Obama…..Could u e-mail me more information.
    Please & Thank you….

  7. Golf Reviews  10:04 pm

    It was amusing to me to see the presidential administrations using money that didn’t exist to bail out companies that had screwed themselves. And now with the Obama admin, creating all these crap programs (cash for clunkers, money for fridges, etc) — all set up for MORE failure! The economy has crashed because no one thought ahead and people were told they could have whatever they wanted on credit… which wasn’t the case, you can’t afford everything you want. We need to stop giving away money and make people accountable for their decisions.

  8. Melissa K. Parker  3:26 am

    I am seeking actively paid employment. I have over $80,000.00 owing from nearly completing a Ph.D. nationally accredited counseling psychology degree. I have taken out private loans without a cosignor. I receive many letters from collectors to pay my student loans. Please may I talk with a financial representative. I am seeking to have graduate student loan debt relief. Have a awesome day,
    Melissa (Kathryn) Parker
    425-259-4360 From 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. on pacific standard time. Please a time and date best for me to call you back. Thank you.

  9. Sharon R.  1:07 am

    I am looking for some Obama credit card debt relief. Anybody know anything about that so I can get out of debt?

  10. Tracey  5:42 pm

    I am looking for information on getting a grant/ grants. I would like to go back to school, along with pay off some credit card debt. Please send me links to legitimate web sites, as I am not sure which ones are “good ones” and which are just advertising.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Pam Coffey  7:51 pm

    I became disabled and got it in 90 days due to my many medical problems.
    I am still searching for some help with about $20,000 in various bills I can not pay. Is there any help out there? I would like to buy a house, for I’m homeless and don’t qualify for any help because I have ” Bad Credit” Please help..Pam

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