Tax time has come and gone and you are waiting for your IRS rebate checks. Looking at the tax rebate schedule it is confusing just like everything is from the United States government.

Will you get your tax rebate check from Uncle Sam and when will you get it? Can you count on getting it on time? We all need extra money right now more than ever and waiting for your IRS rebates is nerve racking.

Another thing people are thinking is that they are going to get some sort of stimulus rebate from Obama. We all got a check from Bush a couple of years ago that was about $600 per person and so with the stimulus bill we might get a bailout stimulus rebate check. That is what people are hoping for anyway but nothing has been announced.


So, are there any other money making ideas? There is a way to start working on your own stimulus check and it is called CashCrate. It is great for anyone who needs a little extra money and it is totally free to join. Now you will not make full time income on this site but you can make some good spending money each month. It is not a scam and there is an active forum with tons of people who will a prove to you they have gotten paid.

Please see my video below of one of my CashCrate checks. This is like getting little IRS rebate checks each month! It is real and totally free to sign up and you will never be asked for money.

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  1. Mary E. Swann  12:09 am

    Interested in CashCrate, but need someone to help and show me how to set this up and get started i mean really talking and wALKING ME THROUGH THE PROCESS.

  2. Money Making Hobbies  3:52 pm

    There is a forum where lots of people will help you and there are tutorials also that will help. One of them is a video tutorial here:

  3. Golf Blog  10:08 pm

    I thought Obama’s “rebates” were different from Bush’s in that if you qualified you would just be taxed less on your actual paycheck. Someone did the math and told me it was like $5 a paycheck… hardly noticeable. And yet another broken promise! Looks like it’s time to stop waiting on the government to bail us out and start a business yourself! Thanks for all the ideas on here.

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