One good online money makingidea is to promote and sell ebooks that cost $7.00. The thinking here is that everybody can afford $7 and thus any ebook is easier to sell at that price.

When try to make money online, you will come across many ebooks that cost $29, $39, $49 and more and that is a lot for an ebook. Heck, that is a lot for any book even if it is a real book. At those prices, it is hard to sell things to people because they are just not willing to spend the money.

The the $7 secrets script you will be able to sell your ebook or anything you create for the low amount of seven dollars and the money will go instantly into your PayPal account whenever you make a sale. If you want to find some other people’s ebooks to sell for the $7 you can go to and find them there.

It is a lot easier to sell something for seven dollars and by not being greedy you will probably make more sales and more money than you would selling something for a higher price. The $7 secrets script will show you how to set everything up and all you need is a PayPal business account to make it work. No need for waiting for payments from your affiliate network with this system as you will be getting paid right away through PayPal.


Disclaimer: I have bought this ebook

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