One of the money making ideasthat is all over the Internet right now is the Posting Links On Google scam. There are so many fake websites that are made to look like blogs or newspaper site and they are all pretending to be real. These websites are not real and EVERYTHING IN THEM IS FAKE.

The most common one is made up to look like a blog although if you poke around you will realize it is nothing more than one page and not a blog or newspaper website. It might be called or someone else’s money blog and it will have a picture of the person saying they are making anywhere from $5000 to $9000 a week posting links on Google. Additionally it will say that he/she is from your city and they do that by reading your IP address when you click the ad.

They are always trying to sell you the Google Money Kit, Google Money Grants, Easy Google Profit, or some other Google money profit kit that they will ship to you for free (only $1.97 shipping). The problem is (and this is where the scam comes in) that you have to give your credit card to pay for the shipping and what they have in the tiny small print is that after 7 days your credit card will be charged around $70.00 per month!

Once you try to cancel you will run up against all sorts of problems as most of these companies are not even on US soil. Most people don’t read the fine print and end up getting charged the additional $70 or so and then spend months and many nightmares trying to get out of it¬†and get the charges reversed. These companies are relentless and they will not even ship you the “kit” in many cases I have heard. In other words, this is quite the opposite of a Christian home business opportunity!

This posting links on Google is NOT SANCTIONED OR AUTHORIZED BY GOOGLE and Google has nothing to do with these products. They will scam you out of your money by trying to associate themselves with Google and say “as seen on” CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, and others to get your trust.

Google is not hiring and there are no Google posting links jobs. These Google Money Kits are fake and you need to steer clear of all this deception and keep your credit card in your wallet. Posting links on Google is something you should run away from as fast as you can. Now many of these ads come in the form of fake newspaper type sites as the scammers change strategies and move away from the fake blogs. These fake newspaper pages though, are also fake and if you click the links they will all take you to the Google Money Kit or whatever scam it is being called. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME!

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  1. charles simkovich  1:33 pm

    Thanks for the info. concerning the scam making big bucks by posting links on “google”.
    I saw their ad on and being new to the whole internet thing I started to fill out the registration form. But when it came to paying $1.97 with my credit card I checked online and found your site.
    Again, thank you very much, Charles Simkovich.

  2. Torry  7:48 pm

    What about when you see those webpages whith these random dudes that went from flippen burgers to being a millionaire, with videos of them showing all this cash siting in these foriegn cars with a laptop telling you us that we wasting our time just lokking up webpages instead of getting this money.

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