If you are one of the unfortunate people waking up today saying “I just lost my job..now what?”, there might be some tough time in store ahead for you. Finding a new job in this environment is going to be difficult and you might get a headache just thinking about it. Lost job advice would be a good thing right now and listed below are some things you should do. Your first step should be to make sure you have your resume updated and posted on some of the main job sites online. The ones below are 100% free and you can look for jobs there too:

Job.com – One of the top online job websites. Sign up for free, post your resume and start looking for jobs.

Monster.com – Another one of the largest job search websites. This is also free to submit your resume so that recruiters can find you. Also a very large data bank of job openings in all cities.

SnagAJob.com– This is a 100% free job portal for hourly and part time jobs. If that is the kind of job you are looking for, you need to have your resume in the SnagAJob database and this is where hourly type jobs are posted.

Being persistent and not giving up is the most important lost job advice you can get. Yes, things might look hopeless right now, but the harder you work at finding another job, the greater your chances will be. It might take you a while this time because of the economy to find a new job but you need to keep your spirits high. You should spend a large part of your free time looking for jobs but this is your chance to branch out and learn some new skills and maybe even get a degree.

While an MBA isn’t required to be a successful in a business venture, the knowledge gained by having an advanced degree will provide a huge advantage in separating yourself from the rest of the pack. For more information about getting your MBA online click here.

Additionally, the Internet has created many new online jobs and opportunities which are out there to be learned. There are many legitimate money making ideas online and while it may be difficult to distinguish between the scams and real opportunities at first, after you learn a few things you will see the real money making potential.

The Internet is worldwide now and it is a resource that you should learn to use. Company recruiters now do much of their recruiting online and you need to make sure you have a presence at all the main job web sites. Likewise, the Internet is being used by millions everyday to either make a living or to supplement one. Take this time when you don’t have a job to learn what you can do to add to your income via the online world. You may just find that you can turn it into your own full time job and never need another job interview again.

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  1. Jane  7:49 am

    Thanks for sharing all those links. It would also be good to try to look for other income opportunities online. There a lot of people working at home and enjoying the fruits of their online business or jobs. By the way, this might interest you too. I ask you to take a look at this unbelievable Educational courses available to all levels of traders, to Alternative Investment Opportunities that will give you massive returns for a small initial investment, you will be on your way to creating multiple streams of income in no time. Have a remarkable day!

  2. Excellent advice. One of the things I always like to mention to people when they come online and have just lost a job is the great need there is for freelance workers. Lots of internet marketers like to outsource their article writing and odd jobs to people who in turn would do the work and sell their services back to the marketer. There is a great company online called “elance”, and you can join there and bid for jobs. Or better yet you can set up your own website and tell people you will write articles for them. Do some for free to get started and use the testimonials to get more and more work for yourself I hope that helps as well.

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