If you  are one of those people who is searching for online money making ideas, you should always be careful and read the terms and conditions section before you pay for anything. It is the smart thing to do before you pull out your credit card or pay for something via PayPal.

There is a particular type of offer that is called a “rebill” that has fooled a lot of people in the last year. A re-bill is something that promises you something for free (or almost free) and charges you for the shipping and handling. A small S&H charge seems quite reasonable on the surface and many people go ahead and give their credit card information out for that.

What they fail to do is click the small link called “terms” or “terms & conditions” that is usually near the bottom of the page that specifies you are getting a free trial and if you don’t cancel within the allotted time, you will be billed an additional $39.95, $79.95, $129.95 or some other significant amount. 99 times out of 100, the people signing up for these “free” trials don’t bother to read the fine print and are unaware of what they are signing up for.

Of course the whole thing with the small S&H charge is really just so you give them your credit card number and they have a way of billing you addition fees in the future. These “rebills” are nothing more than variations of a scam and they get the people who are uninformed or just unaware of this type of product.

If you are looking into online money making and think you will be purchasing an eBook or any other type of product, it is always wise to make sure you understand exactly what you are buying. If a credit card is never asked for, then you can be much more certain that whatever it is you are signing up for is not a scam.

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