Get Paid To Take Surveys But Beware

This is a guest post from Dave at He stresses a very important point that you never need to pay to do surveys. Any legitimate survey company will NOT charge you to join.

We have certainly had lots of great money making ideas from this site and I am amazed at just how much can be made with Cashcrate. They have a real variety of offers that can certainly give you a great income of you put in the work.

There are other sites in a similar vain that can also contribute greatly to making extra money and some of the best I have found, and the most straightforward are sites that pay you for online surveys. It is relatively easy to take paid surveys online and you can certainly enjoy some good financial rewards if you put in the work.

But, when I was seriously looking in to the world of paid surveys I was very disheartened to find so many sites that were out to actually take money from me. What I found was that many sites offered to pay me $200 a survey, but only after I sent them a payment for their services.

This is not how legitimate survey companies work. The bottom line is that a real survey company will simply offer you payment if you complete a survey for them. There is never any question of you paying them in advance, or at all for that matter.

After much searching I finally found quite a number of legitimate survey sites and compiled a free list of them for anyone to use. You can read my Get Paid To Take Surveys post for a list of free to join survey sites that will pay you for your time.

I am not saying that you will earn fortune from survey sites but they really can add up to a good extra income if you take the time to join as many as possible. You need to have lots of surveys in your inbox on a daily basis if you want to make this a worthwhile endeavour that can boost the family income. Combined with sites like Cashcrate you may well be on your way to making earnings similar to how much our host here makes.

As he well knows though you need to put some time and effort in to your activities. Treat it like a part time job where you sit down at the PC and do some work. You may well be surprised at just how much extra income you can make. Surveys and offer sites like Cashcrate are a great way to make money online and once you know the best sites to register with you can make a fantastic extra income by putting in the work as often as you possibly can.

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