I found a very strange MSN Money article about freebie websites and Project Payday where I think the author is trying to say that it is a scam. But most of the article was detailing how it all works and how much money people are making. So, how is that a scam?

Doug Dowson is a writer for Slate and he is obviously clueless about what he writes. Slate is a liberal Internet rag from Microsoft and in true Slate fashion, he is writing a hit piece and doesn’t put his facts together correctly.

First of all, a scam is something where your money is taken and you have no chance of getting what you are buying or you get something that is totally worthless. An Internet work from home scam is something where you will fail every time and it is designed to take your money.

So, why then is the first page of the article detailing how some are making $5,000 a month on Project Payday and specifically how a stay at home mom is making upwards of $2,000 a month? Later on the author tells you about a car salesman who quit his job and now makes more than $3,000 a month. Scam? HOW IS THAT A SCAM?

Read the snippet below that is typical of this article that doesn’t back up any of it’s conclusions:


Good job Mr. Dowson of quoting “work at home experts” (who are they and how do they get that title?) who admit they don’t even know what freebie trading is and yet are glad to label it a scam. If you have never heard of Project Payday, how in the world can you pass judgement on it? For your information it is not another “get rich quick scheme” and it’s advertising SPECIFICALLY tells you it is not!

This is a ridiculous article where little research was done and the author’s conclusion was obviously made up before he ever started. It is why this country has so many lawsuits because of guys like this shooting their mouths off about things they know nothing about. And this guy is so naive that he writes an article where two thirds of it is outlining examples of people actually succeeding and making money!

Project Payday is not for everyone but that doesn’t make it a scam. If you work at it and figure out how to do it, you can make a nice chunk of extra money every month working only when you have the extra time. It is truly one of the more interesting money making ideas online that actually works. I know because I have made money from freebie websites before myself and know that Project Payday is NOT a scam.

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