There is an incredible amount of garbage on the Internet and no where is it more evident than when you search for money making ideas on the Internet. It is no wonder why most people think that everything online is a scam. Many of you reading this will think that this blog is a scam too and why shouldn’t you? It’s really hard to stand out from the scammers and BS’ers.

Unlike many other bloggers, I do have real proof of the CashCrate checks I get every month though and those are not faked. If you want to learn to make money like that on the Internet you have to do these things:

1) Stop reading MMO (make money online) forums and Internet marketing blogs. I know you probably won’t do this but it is the biggest waste of your time.

2) Join The Keyword Academy which is FREE for the first month and $33.00 per month after that. Join it and quit if you like as you will have access to everything for the first 30 days. Here is my video giving you a quick preview:

3) Learn how to pick 5 to 10 keywords all in different niches

4) Learn how to start blogs targeting those keywords

5) Learn how to write quality content that helps the reader

6) Learn how to get search engine traffic to your blogs

7) Learn how to monetize those 5 blogs

The Keyword Academy will teach you how to do all of those things. It doesn’t matter whether you start with only 1 blog, 5 blogs, or with 10 blogs. It only depends on how much time you have and how well you use your time. People make money on the Internet by owning websites (or blogs) and by monetizing the traffic they get. If you are a gardener you would probably want to make at least one of your sites about gardening. If you know a lot about cars you might make one of your sites about cars. You get the idea.

Then once you start getting traffic you could then start making money by doing reviews of different products you use and link to where your readers can buy the products. If they buy, you make a cut of what they spend. That is how people make money on the Internet. And that is what The Keyword Academy will teach you how to do. Don’t think it will be easy money because it won’t. You will have to work to learn how it is all done. But once you get started and begin making a little, you will start to understand that you too can make a success of yourself and start earning money online.

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