Swagbucks is something that is 100% free and you can make money on the site every day. It truly is easy money and I wish I had found them earlier.

The difference between this rewards site and others is that you get paid to use their search engine which gives you most of the same results you would get if you use Google. Rather than go to Google for my surfing, I use the Swagbucks search engine that randomly rewards me with Swagbucks that I can then redeem for all sorts of things like iTunes gift cards, Amazon.com gift cards, cash and so much more. Everything is free so it really is a no brainer.

The things you can do for free include take surveys, watch ads, trade in electronics, play games, and of course surf the Web. All those things pay you in Swagbucks which you then take to the Swag Store to turn in for the things you really want. See the video I made below showing how it all works:

If you want you can earn even more Swagbucks by doing some of the paid offers such as Groupon, signing up for Netflix, and ordering other things that you would normally buy but that is TOTALLY OPTIONAL and you never have to do anything that costs money.

In return for the Swagbucks you earn you can cash them in for all sorts of goodies including digital goods, electronics, books, gift cards and lots more. As I say in the video, I almost always get the Amazon.com gift cards but I sometimes get an iTunes card when my iTunes account runs dry. It is a great way to get what amounts to free iTunes music downloads!

Doing all the free stuff (mainly just surfing) I easily earn a couple of Amazon cards a month. It’s not a lot but remember, I’m just making that for surfing on the Swagbucks engine instead of Google. I don’t do anything else so you could earn a lot more if you tried. For anyone looking for legitimate money making ideas online that are free, you should sign up for Swagbucks and give them a try.

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