Finding out whether you have any unclaimed money waiting in your name is something that is getting attention now because of a GMA segment where they found over $43,000 for the staffers of that show. It sure looks like easy money when you watch the video below: (Sorry, video is no longer available)

It’s very easy to check and all you have to do is go to unclaimed money and put in your name. If nothing comes up then their database was unable to find anything. Also, every state has it’s own unclaimed property website and it is usually very easy to do a quick search of your name or your business’s name. Some of the state’s websites are easier to understand and navigate than others.

If you go to individual state’s websites, make sure you do this for every state you have ever lived inĀ because you might have dollars coming to you that you don’t know about or have forgotten about from years past. Usually money owed to you will be for things such as:

  • Financial accounts
  • Insurance claims
  • Stocks, mutual funds, and bonds
  • Bank deposit box contents
  • Utility and phone company deposits
  • Checks that have never been cashed, usually payroll or insurance
Most people won’t have anything due to them but it is very easy and quick to search and find out. There wasn’t anything in my name but I found about $300 of my wife’s money that was in an old bank account. Because there was no activity in the account for years, the money had been transferred to the state unclaimed property division. Now she has to go and try to get it back.

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