Here are three payment proofs from October 2011 showing you some legitimate websites (all of them are FREE) where you can get paid every month. None of these are money making ideas that will make you a whole lot on their own but you can easily reach payment each month with all of them and combined, make an easy $60 to $100 or even more if you set aside some time after work every day. Again, all of these are FREE and you can make this money by only doing the free things on each site like I do.

1) First up is SquishyCash that pays you lots of different ways and I choose PayPal. You can make money with them by completing surveys, offers, shopping through their sites, and several other ways.You can see my PayPal payment below and they pay on time at the end of every month as long as you reach the payout amount of $20:



















2) Second up is my PayPal payment from Treasure Trooper. They also have a payout amount of $20 and once you reach that a check or online payment (your choice) will automatically be sent out. Do a little every day and should be easy to get paid by them every month as well:


















3) My third payment comes from a site called SwagBucks where I earn credits for using their search engine. I then redeem those credits for $15 iTunes gift cards of which I ordered and received two of them last month. You can earn credits (SwagBucks) lots of different ways but I get most of mine by simply using their search engine instead of going to Google or Yahoo. You can read more about the site and view a video I made about them here – SwagBucks review.

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