MONEY MAKING WITH FIVERR is a website that has exploded in popularity over the last several years. I didn’t think it would make it due to the fact that people can only make $5 per task (minus fees) but I was definitely wrong. There is a lot of money making going on at that site and you might want to check it out to see if you can profit too.

To get an idea of what people are selling on Fiverr all you need to do is go to the home page and you will see lots of “gigs” listed. Almost anything you can imagine is listed there and the cost for everything is $5. These are not products like the things sold on Ebay but mostly services. People are really creative and you will find gigs like voice-overs, short custom videos, writing, singing, testimonials, drawing, photo taking, and almost anything else you can think of for sale there.

How Can You Make Money?

One of the keys to making money on Fiverr is to be able to do something well that people need/want and, to be able to do it over and over. In other words, you need to find something that is easily repeatable. Remember, you will only be paid $5 and you won’t get all of that because the site has to take their cut. So in reality you have to assume you will really be making only about $4 per customer.

There are thousands of sellers on Fiverr now and chances are that whatever you have to offer, at least a dozen people are already doing it. That is why it helps to be good looking (if you are doing video), have a beautiful voice (if you are singing), or be able to stand out in some way from the rest of the gig sellers. This is a marketplace after all and just as in real life, the people with the good looks, the talent, and the creativity will end up profiting the most.

Getting Noticed On Fiverr

But even if you are good at something and have a great gig to offer, you need to get noticed first in order for people to find you. And even if they do find you, they will probably not use you if you don’t have any reviews. Getting positive reviews should be your first and only goal at the beginning because this is how you will slowly get more business.

Social validation is the key to getting people to pay you for your gigs. Sellers who have dozens to hundreds of positive reviews will find it much easier to get even more people to pay for their services. It is sort of like a snowball that gains momentum as it gets bigger and bigger rolling down the hill. No one wants to be the first one (guinea pig) to try a gig so most people stick to the ones that look to be reliable based on existing feedback.

This can be the most frustrating thing about starting out on Fiverr: getting your initial sales in order to get good feedback. It can be really hard to get the first sales and I might suggest that you even go as far as to have your friends pay for the first 5 or so gigs in order to get that positive feedback. Remember, you will get about $4 back so having friends “help you out” at the start will only cost about $1 per gig if you pay them back.

Offer Something That Is Popular Or Needed

Of course in the end, you need to offer a service that people want. It doesn’t matter how much promotion you do if you are selling something that no one is interested in. The best way to figure out what you might want to do is to start researching on Fiverr itself to see what type of things have lots of buyers. See what is selling and then figure out if you can offer that same or a similar service to meet the demand.

Again, the way to make more money than just $5 here and there is to find something that is relatively easy to do, can be done over and over, and has lots of buyers. It is not easy to find a gig like that but it shows you how real life and competition works when you are trying to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Even if you are never able to make too much, it is one of the real legitimate money making ideas out there and you will probably have a lot of fun and learn how a real marketplace works.



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