I’m still making money on Swagbucks by just using their search engine instead of going to Google all the time. You can see in the video below that I always exchange my points for gift card and my favorite are the iTunes gift cards. All this is for free because I have NEVER given them a credit card or spent a dime on the Swagbucks site.

Swagbucks is an easy way to get free stuff and they are totally legitimate. In fact with the way gift some gift cards work now (like iTunes), they just send a code in my email and I don’t have to wait for the gift card to actually be sent to me. Very easy! Other gift cards still come by regular snail mail.

Absolutely anyone can be using Swagbucks and by accumulating points for doing easy stuff like just using their search engine or taking a daily poll, your point will add up over time. Free stuff like this is one of the great things about the Internet!

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