Perfect for beginner affiliate marketers who don’t want to buy their own domain and set up website is something called It is a website where you can review products and make money by inserting your own affiliate links into your reviews. 

Unlike other similar sites, you will get 100% of your profits on Ukritic because you are using and in control of your own links you get from affiliate sites like Amazon, Commission Junction, ClickBank, etc. If you are looking for online money making ideas, this is something you should explore because you can do it with zero out of pocket costs.

Don’t understand what any of this means?

Affiliate marketing is where you write information on a blog or website and convince the reader to take action. That action can be to buy a product, sign up for a free trial, take a survey, or do something else an advertiser would want them to do. In return for getting your readers to take action, advertisers pay bloggers  a small “finders fee” or a small percentage of the sale price.

The money you will make with will come directly from the advertisers you have affiliate agreements with. IT WILL NOT COME FROM UKRITIC. So….in order to make money you will have to sign up to the affiliate program(s) of choice such as Amazon.

Write Real Reviews!

Everything you write on Ukritic should be a real review of something you already own, have recently purchased, or something you have used. You should strive to give details about your experiences that only real reviewers would know because that is more convincing. Too many marketers today write fake reviews about products they have never used just to try to get a commission.

Readers are smart and they are always looking for real product reviews before they buy. One of the reasons people like so much is because they are big and thus get lots of reviews of products that people buy on the site. You know the reviews on Amazon are genuine as opposed to some other site that doesn’t have many.

That is why you should make every effort to give honest opinions of the products you review. The more detailed and genuine they are, the more likely you are to get that click from the reader that will result in a sale.

A Drawback: No Guarantees

Like everything with Internet marketing and affiliate marketing, there are no guarantees you will make money. In order to be able to make money online in this fashion you have to be willing to put in time without knowing whether it will be time well spent.

But for someone who doesn’t have much money to invest, writing reviews for Ukritic seems like a great way to get started and get some experience. The things you learn will come for free and you won’t be out any pocket money. You will become more familiar with how to write in a fashion that gets people to do what you want them to do which is very important in the online world.

However, I think you will find that if Ukritic does well in the search engines and you put up some well written and well thought out product reviews, the chances are you will make some money.